Remote Scanning

The remote scanning service is delivered via Beyond-IP’s secure servers located in our off-site data center. Users can request or reconfigure scans, view all generated vulnerability reports, access asset inventory reports as well as track all remediation efforts via a secure management portal.

As each scan is completed, the reporting portal is updated to show highly-detailed descriptions of all security tests performed, any discovered vulnerabilities, their exact location, potential effect on network security, and suggested remediation steps.
Remote Scanner

The remote scanning services run regularly in order to provide a continually up-to-date assessment of the protected network’s vulnerabilities. The scanning platform is updated daily to provide the latest assessments for all new threats types as they are discovered.

In addition to providing standard vulnerability assessments, the service also performs platform-specific vulnerability tests for major operating systems and platforms including Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7, UNIX, Novell, Cisco etc.

Since there is no on-site hardware or software requirements, this subscription-based service is the preferred solution for organizations seeking to deploy a comprehensive network security solution in minimal time and at the lowest possible cost.