Here’s How Beyond-IP Can Raise Your Visibility in a Crowded Marketplace

We work closely with Systems Integrators, VAR’s and Managed Service Providers seeking to provide their clients with turn-key managed network security monitoring.

In a market that is becoming increasingly security-aware, our partners have the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams while providing quality services that keep competitors from gaining a foothold in existing clients’ organizations.

Network Security Consulting Opportunities

Our scanning services provide in-depth security assessment reports that include suggested remedies for over 5,000 security vulnerabilities. For clients without their own network security teams, our partners can generate consulting time by responding to and mitigating reported vulnerabilities.

Partners can choose from among our various scanning services to select the solution that matches the client’s requirements.

Our SaaS vulnerability platform is remotely-hosted and provides regularly updated assessments of the client’s security vulnerabilities. Client reporting and scheduling services are administered via an Internet portal that can be administered by the partner or the customer.

For clients that prefer to host their own vulnerability assessment platform, this solution utilizes essentially the same vulnerability scanning and reporting software as our SaaS offering. The only difference is the Deployed VA Service resides on the client’s site and runs on a dedicated VA Server which is automatically updated by Beyond-IP.

This portable scanning device can be hosted anywhere on the client’s network or carried off-site to perform scanning at remote locations. This self-managed tool enables our partners to deploy instantly to counteract ongoing attacks or to perform periodic scanning of client’s networks.

If you’re interested in raising your visibility while adding additional revenue streams to your business, Contact Us today for more information.