On-Site Deployed Scanning

Organizations preferring to manage their own network security find that our turn-key Deployed Scanning solution provides a robust platform from which to manage and respond to network security threats.

Beyond-IP installs a central management console/portal as well as scanning servers on the client’s site. The scanners access the internal network on a scheduled basis scanning for vulnerabilities and reporting back to the management console.

Authorized users access the self-management console to retrieve vulnerability reports, recommended solutions, trending information and to manage remediation tickets.  This fully-scalable large-scale solution is the preferred choice for organizations with large, complex network configurations and the staff necessary to respond to and manage vulnerability issues.

This easy-to-use, in-house tool assesses vulnerabilities and provides remediation solutions in real-time and on a continuous basis, at a fraction of the cost of outsourced consulting services. With the increasing frequency and intensity of worms and other security violations, and with estimated damages of $92,300 per security incident per company, our deployed scanning solution provides a preemptive, real-time and continuous security platform.

How it Works

On a regularly-scheduled basis, the scanning servers launch simulated attacks like those commonly initiated by hackers.
Attacks are launched from these normally vulnerable locations:

Upon completing the scanning process, the system generates comprehensive reports providing the following details:

Because all of our security solutions are CVE Certified, all reports utilize a common lexicon that is universally understood.

Both technical and executive-level reports reduce complex information to an easy-to-understand actionable format. The system is also capable of generating differential reports presenting only those changes since the last scan was run.

The Automated Scanning engine is updated regularly to ensure that the most recent security vulnerabilities are added. 

Core Features

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