Amazon Security Breach Impact Millions of Users

Northbrook, IL, February 7, 2005 – Beyond-IP (, the US distributors of Beyond Security, today announced that the Beyond Security Automated Scanning Appliance has discovered a security breach on

This security breach enables hackers to steal passwords and make purchases using stolen account information. The vulnerability is caused by's inadequate filtering of user-provided data. Once this data is introduced into the web page returned by's web server, the user’s browser can no longer distinguish between what is really part of's web site and what is part of the attack being performed.

The vulnerability uncovered on the website is a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability which enables hackers to serve false content within and to steal user's cookie’d information.

Serving false content within's web site has been used in the past to steal passwords, incite people into buying things by offering them false prices or items, and perform other types of phishing (scams) attacks.

After Beyond Security's Scanning appliance uncovered this vulnerability on January 18, 2004, an email was sent to informing them of this breach as is common in the industry.

Though patched the local problem, the vulnerability breach still exists. was quick to fix only part of the vulnerability by placing restrictions on one of the parameters the user can provide, neglecting to place restrictions on all the values received from the user which were equally vulnerable.

BeyondSecurity develops an appliance which conducts on-going penetration testing. As part of their regular testing of the appliance, was tested. BeyondSecurity typically probes Amazon because of Amazon's reputation for being a very secure e-commerce website.

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