Beyond-IP Announces the First Integrated Network and Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Consolidates two categories considered separate in the security market

19 Nov 2004 (Northbrook, IL) -- Many web sites suffer from critical security holes, allowing hackers to steal customer information, or deface the corporate web site. Most of these security holes stem from security vulnerabilities in commercial products, such as web servers or operating systems. However, there is a class of vulnerabilities that result from insecure programming of the custom applications used by the web site (shopping cart, navigation system, and so on).

Beyond-IP LLC, the North American arm and distributor for Beyond Security, Ltd has launched a new version of its Automated Vulnerability Assessment and Management Appliance. The Appliance allows corporations and governments to rapidly discover all different classes of security holes. With the "webscan" component, customers can now scan their web sites for security holes in custom web applications.

Adding this web application security scanning ability to its leading vulnerability assessment tool compliments current scanning at the database level, the operating system level, the network level and now application level.

"In the same way that various firewall products assimilated web application protection technologies, network Vulnerability Assessment and Management tools will add web application scanning capabilities" says Beyond-IP’s General Manager, Brandon Buhai.

Beyond-IP is the first company to provide a scanning solution that pinpoints vulnerabilities both in network level and web application level. Until today, those were two separate categories in the security world, each category populated by different vendors.

Buhai forecasts that in the near future the "Web Application Security" niche will disappear, as the protection components become a part of the standard firewall solution, and the assessment component becomes a part of the standard vulnerability assessment solution.

Buhai adds: "The web application scanning capabilities of the Automated Scanning tool enables to perform a task that took days or weeks, and transform it into a completely automated process taking minutes, and repeated periodically to ensure complete protection."

About Beyond-IP, LLC

Beyond IP, LLC, headquartered in suburban Chicago, is the North American sales, marketing and distribution arm of Beyond Security Ltd.

Beyond Security was founded in 1999 and currently has over 2,000 customers worldwide. The company's research and development center is located in Netanaya, Israel. Beyond Security owns and operates the portal, which is the largest independent security portal on the Internet. The portal receives over 2 million page views a month and updates thousands of registered users on its daily security alert list. Because is seen as a true open source portal (i.e. doesn’t require any membership or fees), it is seen as the main information posting area for the both the Black Hat and White Hat communities. This extensive human validated data source ensures that Beyond Security’s Automated Scanning has the most up to date scanning engine on the market today.

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