Automated Vulnerability Detection System Helps Keep Enterprises One Step Ahead of Hackers
New AVDS Allows Immediate Network-Wide Vulnerability Assessment

NORTHBROOK, IL, November 14, 2006 – Enterprise-wide vulnerabilities to hackers and malicious attacks can now be detected more quickly and easily than ever before, thanks to a new Automated Vulnerability Detection System (AVDS) from Beyond Security, a leading provider of security assessment technologies. Available now, the system’s design allows immediate assessment of vulnerabilities during the development phase and after deployment, thereby adding an additional measure of security to enterprise networks beyond anti-virus software and firewalls.

Until now, the ability to assess an enterprise’s security flaws has been beyond the reach of most organizations, due to resources that leave little time for comprehensive analysis, or to a lack of testing tools. This is compounded by the need to comply with newly mandated information security requirements from both customers and regulatory bodies.

The AVDS has been developed to address these challenges. The technology maps an organization's entire network and simulates attacks originating from within or outside the enterprise. Once the security mapping is complete, AVDS generates a detailed, real-time vulnerability report specifying security breaches, along with practical and easy-to-apply solutions to those vulnerabilities. AVDS is designed to detect, manage and control vulnerabilities on a daily basis. It does this in multiple, heterogeneous IT environments through a simple central management interface.

Designed for the enterprise, the solution consists of two appliances that are managed through a simple central interface:

The information server includes a vulnerabilities database from Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Portal, one of the largest repositories of IT security data. Providing the industry’s lowest false-positive vulnerability management tool (less than one percent), the device scans anything that communicates via Internet protocol, including routers, servers, firewalls and gateways. The AVDS supports common operating systems (Windows, Linux and UNIX) as well as application scanning up to level 7.

Both the IS and scanning system are 1U rack mountable devices and can be installed in any security operation center without taking up valuable rack space.

Without automated vulnerability detection, most organizations are able to scan their systems two to four times a year, but the information is out of date usually within 24 hours. With an average of over 310 new security vulnerabilities announced each month, vulnerability scanning should now be performed as frequently as anti-virus scanning – daily, experts say. According to Brandon Buhai, COO for Beyond-IP, the ability to frequently assess your software systems’ weaknesses brings a number of competitive advantages.

“Plugging security holes before problems occur means you can avoid downtime, which helps to ensure business continuity,” Buhai says. “And, continuity and security are key requirements of mandates in virtually every industry – including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and ISO 27001. Our solution helps you meet those requirements cost-effectively and without tying up a lot of IT resources. That frees up capital and people for more mission-critical projects.”

The AVDS is the only multi level scanning tool that scans for vulnerabilities in the system, database, network, applications and web application levels. It also scans anything that talks IP, including communication equipment like routers, access points, VoIP phones and gateways. Additionally, it scans security appliances such as Firewalls, content filtering and anti-virus. Operating system specific tests include UNIX, Linux, AS-400, Novell, Windows 95/98, NT, 2000/2003 and Windows XP.

The AVDS includes a broad range of flexible reporting options, including charts and graphs, summaries of vulnerable hosts or IP assets, and detailed remediation information, in HTML, PDF, XML and CSV formats. Trend indicators show vulnerability status via a color-coded dashboard – from low (green) to high (red) risk levels.

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For organizations concerned about regulatory compliance or dissatisfied with the network security audit services provided by their consulting firms, Beyond-IP's Automated Vulnerability Vulnerability Service provides higher quality, lower cost network vulnerability assessment and management than any other alternative. Beyond-IP’s solutions allow simplified measurement, monitoring and management of vulnerabilities over time. Beyond-IP is the US distributor of Beyond Security LTD. To learn more, visit

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Beyond Security, a privately-held company, develops leading vulnerability assessment and self-management solutions that facilitate preemptive, real-time and continuous network, server, database and application security. The company was founded in 1999 by the founders of SecuriTeam portal (, a leading source for vulnerability alerts and solutions serving 1.5 million monthly page views to IT security professionals. Beyond Security's founders are great believers in automation, which is why the company sells tools instead of using them to provide services. Beyond Security's goal is to decrease the number of security holes in products to manageable levels and empower software vendors to release secure products.

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