Network Scanners Detect USB Security Threat

NORTHBROOK, IL, May 12, 2006 – Beyond-IP™, the US distributors of Beyond Security, today announced the addition of a USB device detection test to their flagship vulnerability scanning tools. This new test detects whether USB devices have been connected to a host, regardless of whether or not the USB device installed drivers and regardless of the time the devices were attached to the network.

“This is critical because any user can come into the office, plug in a USB stick the size of the average keychain, and download or upload over 32 GB of data. An iPod allows transfers of 60GB,” said Brandon Buhai, COO of Beyond-IP. “Someone could remove confidential data, intellectual property, or even personal information about employees and consumers from a network. They could also unknowingly (or knowingly) introduce viruses, trojans, or illegal software, since portable storage devices bypass firewalls and other protective measures.”

The consequences of a data leak via an insecure USB device could be far-reaching. Publicity associated with the loss of personal, financial, and medical information can irreparably harm an organization’s reputation and invite large fines from federal and state prosecutors.

Beyond-IP’s Automated Scanning allows companies with disparate networks to gain information on USB device installation without installing any agents. This is ideal for organizations that do not have administrative control over the types of devices installed on the network. This new scan allows administrators to quickly and cost-effectively audit these devices on a routine basis.

“Beyond-IP’s scanning server runs a ‘USB Mass Storage Detection’ test that analyzes system registries for USB-related settings,” added Buhai. “These settings are inserted into the registry and are not removed even if you unplug the USB device. Therefore, the scanning server can discover whether or not USB storage devices were connected to a host—even if the device is not connected at the time the scan is conducted.”

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