Black Box Software Testing

beSTORM performs comprehensive software security analysis and will discover vulnerabilities during development or after release. 

beSTORM represents a new approach to security auditing. This new approach is sometimes called "fuzzing" or "fuzz testing" and can be used for securing in-house software applications and devices, as well as testing the applications and devices of external vendors.

Most security holes found today in products and applications are discovered by automated, blackbox software testing. beSTORM tries virtually every attack combination, intelligently starting with the most likely scenarios and detects application anomalies which indicate a successful attack. Thus security holes can be found almost without user intervention.

How beSTORM Black Box Security Testing Works

Automated Binary Analyis

beSTORM includes an automated engine that can parse through binary data, decode ASN.1 structures as well as length value pairs:

Automated Textual Analysis

beSTORM includes an automated engine that can parse through textual data, recognize multiple forms of data encoding, as well as decode XML structures:

Custom Protocols

For those protocols that cannot be automatically analyzed beSTORM includes a graphical interface that can be used to easily support your proprietary protocols:

Advanced Debugging and Stack Tracing

beSTORM includes an advanced debugging and stack tracing engine that can not only discover potential coding issues, but also show what is the stack trace that brought you to the specific coding issue:

Advantages of beSTORM Blackbox Software Testing

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